A set of Results, some comments and pictures

Andrew Davies

To follow some results from past races, one from today and of course some pictures.

Past Results:

This was the Super G, held just before the Inferno this winter.

Bib#NameFinish Time
18Alex Maienfisch71.864
9Jonathan Crockett79.224
34Evan Bolle-Jones79.381
6Tom Perrot79.488
21Thomas Clayton79.95
24William Wells80.241
1Daniel Grimes80.965
25Wills Younger81.858
11Didier Goudant81.965
29Nicholas Kennett82.133
5William Perrot84.915
3Tony Manners85.602
20Simon Berneche86.323
10Stephen Penrose87.129
7Luciano Tasso87.963
14Sean Hinde89.247
32Maureen Fanshawe90.76
4Nicola Grimes91.272
8Henrietta Wells91.433
16Catherine Morton91.621
27Alison Hinde94.208
19Sarah Hirst-Malin95.724
15Beatrice Ley97.031
23Tessa Lawrance98.415
17Neil Clayton100.97
2Andrew Archiebald105.229
33Zara Crockett106.815
13Bjorn Wood116.494

I hope those numbers tell you all you want to know.

The last few days here have been magnificent again. Glorious piste, with few people on them. One indicator of the wonderful conditions is that some people have been to Murren more than once in a week!

Here’s some pictures.

And here is a a slide show as well. Lots of the same pictures. but a different way to view them,.

Enjoy your weekend.

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