Standing Orders


October 2016

1. Standing Orders

Subject to the Articles of Association, these standing orders regulate the general running of the Downhill Only Club (the “Club”), a company limited by guarantee and known colloquially as the DHO. Subject always to the powers of the Directors, the running of the Club shall be carried out by the Club committee (the “Committee”), sub-committees and the managers appointed by them. Changes in these standing orders may be recommended by the Directors or by the Committee but must be approved by the Directors.

2. Responsibilities of the Board of Directors

The responsibilities of the Directors are set out in company law and in the Articles of Association. In less technical language, those duties include:

1. Ensuring that the activities of the Club are lawful and safe and that its financial affairs are solvent.

2. Proposing members of the Club for the positions of vice president, treasurer and company secretary.

3. Recommending changes in the Articles of Association to the annual general meeting.

4. Accepting or rejecting any changes in the Standing Orders proposed by the Committee.

5. Adjudicating on any ambiguities in the interpretation of the Club’s Articles (see Article 8.2).

3. Responsibilities of the Company Secretary

The Company Secretary has responsibility for:
1. With the assistance of the Club Secretary, preparing the agenda for Board meetings and making sure that the Directors receive reports from the Committee that are sufficient for them to carry out their responsibilities.
2. Convening and managing the committee of enquiry into the behaviour of Directors, as and when required (see Article 17.4).
3. Convening additional Board meetings as required.
4. Managing any internal or external complaints about the Club.
5. Completing the annual returns for Companies House.

4. Management of the Club

Subject to the powers and duties of the Directors as set out in the Club's Articles of Association, the day to day management of the affairs of the Club shall be in the hands of the Committee and such sub-committees as it may from time to time establish. The composition of the Committee, the election of its members and their terms of service are given in the Articles of Association.

At present there are four standing sub-committees, namely DHOracing,Alpine, Clubroom and Communication & Marketing. The Committee may create other sub-committees (ad hoc sub-committees) for specific purposes. These sub-committees shall be led by a member of the Committee and shall have a defined purpose and a specified time by which they should report back to the main Committee

Racing & Training (known as DHOracing)

The DHOracing sub-committee is responsible for running the Club’s racing and training programme. The sub-committee shall comprise, among others:

1. A qualified accountant with devolved responsibility for the finances of the sub-committee, who liaises with the Treasurer to ensure that the budget is balanced; and

2. A nominated child welfare officer who has overall responsibility for all matters related to children, including safe guarding, risk assessments and insurance.

The Chairman of the sub-committee shall be responsible for the governance of DHOracing. The Chairman of the sub-committee (or a nominated member) shall maintain the DHOracing contribution to the Club's website which gives the racing programme, details of future training camps and such other information as may be required for the operation of DHOracing.



The Alpine sub-committee is responsible for supervising the skiing activities of members of the Club ("Members") when they are in Wengen by:

1. Supporting and assisting the Wengen Manager, who has responsibility for all aspects of the Club’s programme for guided group skiing. The Wengen Manager should consult the sub-committee when appropriate, including in the appointment of assistant ski reps.

2. Providing assistance in the running of races and competitions for Members. This will include the existing races for which cups or trophies are awarded, plus other competitions, according to the ski programme. When required it will liaise with the Racing and Training sub-committee.

3. Receiving reports on health and safety, including any accidents, from the Wengen Manager.

4. Organizing races with other ski clubs, when appropriate.

The Wengen Manager and the Coggins Manager shall attend and speak at the sub-committee’s meetings but shall not be members of it.



The Clubroom Committee is responsible for the care and management of the clubroom, and for facilitating the Club’s other social activities in Wengen, in particular:

1. Managing the clubroom, including ensuring that the clubroom is opened and closed at all appropriate times, including during the non-skiing season.

2. Any use of the clubroom during the year other than for the Club’s day-to-day purposes, whether or not by Members, making sure that such use is properly supervised and that any income is accounted for. Any doubt about the appropriate use of the clubroom for such occasions shall be determined by the President.

3. The financial management of the clubroom, including an annual budget of operating costs and income, the approval of all expenditure in Wengen of a non-skiing nature and authorizing (by its Chairman) payments necessary for the maintenance of the clubroom, within a financial limit set from time to time by the Club Treasurer.

4. Dealing with any health and safety issues, including any accidents, that may arise in the use of the clubroom.

The sub-committee shall comprise, among others, up to five Members who are in Wengen for a sufficient period or periods during the winter season to contribute adequately to the affairs of the sub-committee.
The sub-committee shall meet each month during the skiing season (December to April) in Wengen. Any meeting that may be needed during the remainder of the year shall be held in London.

The chairman of the sub-committee is authorised to, and shall, represent the DHO on all matters concerning the clubroom including the meetings of the Eiger building house owner’s association.

The sub-committee shall liaise with the Wengen Manager and shall provide assistance and advice to him in the running of Club activities in the village and in the initiation of social activities for the benefit of Members during the ski season. The Wengen Manager may attend and speak at meetings of the sub-committee but shall not be a member of it.

Communications & Marketing

The Communications & Marketing Subcommittee is responsible for:

1. The promotion of the Club and its activities internally and externally and for the design, production and distribution of printed and on-line material for the membership and for use outside the Club.

2. The Club’s website, social media marketing, such as Facebook and Twitter, support for the editor in the production of the Journal, the mid-year Newsletter and such other material as is required for communications with the Membership or externally.

3. Maintenance of the Club’s design standards, branding and visual identity.

The subcommittee shall comprise, among others, the Editor, the Webmaster, the Advertising Manager and, ex-officio, the Membership Secretary and the Design Co-ordinator.

5. Constitution and Proceedings of Sub-committees

Each sub-committee shall comprise up to eight members selected from among the Membership. At least one of those members shall be a member of the Committee, the remainder being nominated or ex-officio members.

Members of a sub-committee who are members of the Committee shall serve on that sub-committee for the duration of their tenure on the Committee. Nominated members of a sub-committee are appointed for a term of three years and their names must be supplied to the Committee before appointment. Such members may be re-appointed, with prior notice to the Committee, for further three year terms.

The President of the Club is an ex-officio and supernumerary member of each sub-committee and may appoint one of the Vice Presidents to attend meetings in his/her place.

The chairman of a sub-committee shall be appointed by its members, with the right to appoint a vice-chairman from those members should the need arise.

Fourteen days' notice in writing shall be given of any meeting of a sub-committee. The quorum for a meeting shall be four members of the sub-committee, at least one of whom shall be a member of the Committee. All meetings shall take place by personal attendance. Attendance by telephone or video link may be permitted by the chairman of the meeting if he deems the contribution to be provided by such medium to be desirable for the conduct of the meeting.

All members of a sub-committee are eligible to vote on all motions put by its chairman. Voting shall be by a simple majority of those present and eligible to vote. A sub-committee may co-opt any Member for one or more specific meetings at the discretion of its chairman. A co-opted member is not entitled to vote and shall not become a member of the sub-committee.

A sub-committee may incur reasonable expenses of a type and up to a limit previously agreed by the Club Treasurer.

Any Member may write to the chairman of a sub-committee asking to attend a meeting of that sub-committee in order to make suggestions relating to matters within its remit. The request must be accompanied by a written summary of the Member’s suggestions and may be rejected on reasonable grounds, including that the matter is capable of being dealt with in writing.

The President shall recommend to the Committee which of its members should sit on each of the sub-committees, but the Committee shall make the final decision as it sees fit.

6. Coggins and Eagles

The Club has a Coggins ski group for children aged 7 to 12 years who are the children of Members, for which it is entitled to make a charge. Coggins groups shall be led by a qualified instructor retained by the Club. Participants are required to be of a standard to ski red runs with confidence.

The Club has an Eagles ski group for young persons aged 13 to 17 years, who are the children of members of the Club or members in their own right, for which it is entitled to make a charge. Eagles groups shall be led by a qualified instructor retained by the Club. Participants are required to be of a standard considered suitable by that leader.

7. Editor and DHO Journal

The Editor, appointed pursuant to Article 15.6, is responsible for producing the Club Journal and the Mid Year Newsletter. A list of the Club members' names shall be published in the Journal together with the respective category of membership of each member, abbreviated appropriately. One copy of the Journal shall be sent to each member, but where there are plural members resident at the same address the
Editor shall determine the number of Journals to be sent to that address.

8. Inferno Captain

 The Committee shall appoint from among the members of the Club a Captain to lead and organise the Club's participation in the annual Inferno races in Mürren. Such an appointment shall be for a period not exceeding three years, and may be renewed thereafter on the same terms..

9. Club Managers

 There shall be three Club Managers: a DHOracing manager, a Wengen Manager and a Coggins Manager, appointed by the Committee when required. The terms and conditions, and the contract of employment, of each Club Manager shall be approved by the Committee before appointment.

Club Managers shall attend and contribute to the meetings of the Committee and any relevant sub-committees. They shall have no vote in resolutions of the Committee or sub-committees.

Club Managers are accountable directly to the President and any instructions given to them should have the authority of the President.

Club managers receive compensation for performing their duties, the amount of which is set by the Committee. 

10. DHOracing Manager

 The responsibilities of the DHOracing Manager include:

1.. Maintaining the highest standards of safety, ensuring that risk assessments are carried out and providing reports on safety and child welfare to the DHOracing Committee and to the Committee, including reports of accidents and incidents.

2. Organising and running training camps in conjunction with the DHOracing Accountant and the Child Welfare Officer.

3. Recruitment and selection of house parents, who are responsible for carrying out risk assessments and child welfare procedures for each camp.

4. Liaising with the Child Welfare Officer.

5. Recruitment and selection of trainers.

6. Attending meetings of the DHOracing sub-committee. The DHOracing Manager shall attend and contribute to meetings of the DHOracing sub-committee but has no vote in its proceedings.

7. Liaising with parents and trainees. The R&T Manager should ensure that trainees and their parents are mindful of the history and traditions of the Club.

8. Helping the Chairman of the sub-committee (or nominated member) maintain the DHOracing contribution to the DHO website. 

11. Wengen Manager

 The Wengen Manager has responsibility for:

1. Maintaining the highest standards of safety, carrying out risk assessments and providing reports on safety to the Alpine Committee and to the Committee, including reports of accidents and incidents.

2. Day to day operations of the DHO in Wengen, including the running of weekly drinks parties and involvement in the operation of the clubroom.

3. Organizing the weekly skiing programme and running DHO races and prize givings.

4. Consulting the Alpine sub-committee about the ski programme and the selection of DHO ski leaders.The Wengen Manager  shall attend and contribute to meetings of the sub-committee but has no vote in its proceedings.

5. Supervising and promoting the welfare of DHO ski leaders, including arranging insurance for them.

6. Managing the Wengen accounts, banking, paying bills and submitting financial reports to the Committee.

7. Representing the Club in Wengen and maintaining relationships with key organisations including the tourist office, piste control, rescue service, English church and the railway authorities.

8. Providing input to the Club's media in a timely fashion: to keep Members informed of activities during the winter season; and to report a summary of such activities at the close of that season. 

12. Coggins Manager

 The Coggins Manager is responsible for providing Coggins and Eagles activities by:

1. Maintaining high standards of safety on the slopes, carrying out risk assessments and providing reports on safety to the Alpine Committee and to the Committee, including reports of accidents and incidents.

2. Organising a coaching programme to improve the children's skiing in a safe and enjoyable environment

3. Either leading these groups him/herself or employing a suitably qualified instructor.

4. Managing the accounts of Coggins and Eagles activities and presenting reports to the Committee.

5. Consulting the Alpine sub-committee about the Coggins programme. The Coggins Manager may attend and contribute to meetings of the Alpine sub-committee but has no vote in its proceedings.

13. Awards and Badges

 All members are entitled to wear the club's bronze badge. Other awards may be made by the Committee at a meeting duly convened and attended by not less than ten of its members. The award of the Club's gold arrow and gold badge shall be by a unanimous vote of the Committee members.

Qualifications for award of the club's badges and arrows shall be as follows:-

Silver badge                     Members who have rendered notable services to the Club.

Gold badge                      Members who have rendered outstanding services to the Club.

Skiing Merit Award           Members who have achieved outstanding merit in skiing by

                                                  1. Winning the McMillan Cup or Falken Ladies trophy.

                                                  2. Bronze standard in the Inferno Race.

                                                  3. A suitable achievement in ski racing or touring, as judged by the committee.

Bronze Racing Arrow     Regional racing squads and British junior team.

Silver Racing Arrow        Regional racing squad A teams members.

Gold Racing Arrow         Members who are in the British or other national teams (or development squads) or in the teams of national bodies such as the armed forces.

The Committee shall liaise with the DHOracing Manager if awarding a badge for which a member of the DHOracing programme would be eligible. Arrows shall be awarded on the recommendation of the Chairman of the DHOracing Committee and confirmed by the Committee

14. Prizes

 Subject to the rules laid down by the Alpine sub-committee, Members may enter all club competitions as soon as their application for membership has been accepted and the fee paid. Regardless of such rules, no Member shall be awarded a Club cup or prize in a winter season unless, on the 1st December immediately preceding the start of that season, he was a life or honorary member or had paid (or had had paid for him) in full his subscription due on 1st September that year.

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