Another great week in Wengen & the Railway Cup

Andrew Davies

Another Great Week in Wengen.

Not just because I was awarded the Railway Cup this week. Thank you Nigel, I am truly delighted. Thank you Marco, for another fun Railway Cup. The trip to First was very much enjoyed, despite the wind and mist and cloud and slow snow! I mention the slow snow because you may know that the Railway Cup is awarded rather than won, but perhaps with the racing field I thought I was in with a chance of winning. Some say the timing was iffy! Some the snow was slow and some the wind had too big an effect! Anyway the final results had Johnny McIntyre in first place, on fat ski’s (4th place Hayley was on fat skis too).

Here He Is Picture
Here He Is
Railway Cup Picture
And Here I am (With Nigel and Marco Luggen)

There was a plan to involve speed assessment in the competition. Weather got in the way. However a special mention must go to Richard and David who both totally nailed it; 30kph exactly.

A Long Memory:

So over a month ago, we had the McMillan Cup

A gallery of the prize giving can be found here 

Bib.#NameFinish Time
20George Duckett2.09
10Tim Blaser2.18
21James Duckett2.18
27Henry Byrne2.22
9Edward Perrott2.26
14Jason Walduck2.28
7Neil Clayton2.38
12Marguerite Nice2.4
31Martin Joas2.41
15Robin James2.42
22Axel Clark2.43
33James Wilson2.44
2Anne Seaman2.46
23Gigi V2.52
3Nigel Ley2.53
1Charlie Brown2.54
26James Byrne2.58
4Olivia Gordon3.14
6Tessa Lawrance3.16
34Peter Hensman3.25
16Carol West3.28
11Roger Scoones3.32
24Dick Hooper3.32
25Richard Lawrance3.33
13Becca Gallagher3.34
32Alsion Hinde3.36
8Katriona Clayton3.46
5Alastair Pink3.53
19John Duckett4.12
18Victoria Duckett4.2
28Ian Moir4.22
17Martin West5.35

Of course full results and cups will appear in the Journal. Congratulations to George, fantastic to see you in Wengen, winning and everything! Thanks to john for the celebratory Espresso Martini’s too.

Some of you will know Martin in last place, yes he crashed. We don’t have a film record of it. However, although his crash was perhaps more dramatic here is a movie of the full race course. Note the unexpected air early on:

and Finally ....

I’ve had request for more of the past results. I shall get them up in a special results blog.

However here is a wee slide show from the winter so far:

Hopefully you enjoyed that.

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