Kurverein Crystal, some new snow and great piste.

The Kurverein Crystal:

On the Bumps Piste the day before the fresh snow arrived. We set an 11 gate GS race. Between the 5th and 6th gate a Toblerone baton had to be passed from racer one to racer two. On the day the weather was magnificent; I was in a T-shirt by 09:30. 10 pairs entered.

The presentations were given by the Director of Tourismus Mr Rolf Wegmueller, thank you Rolf.

After 20 days of Sun:

If you do have bad weather – get a bright pair of trousers to follow.

This week in Wengen:

A big fundraiser! Mozambique Mission Trust, here’s what they do.

And Finally a wee video of a baton pass:

Cheers All!