The Amateur Inter-Club Championships

Some of the DHO AICC racers

Some of the DHO AICC racers

Back Row from left to right: Bob Hawthorn, Nic Hawthorn,Bruce Lynch,Alex Partakis, Marcus Allen , Simon Allen, Robert Goodwin

Front row kneeling from left to right: Sean McCarthy, Alexandra Moore Liz Moore

Amateur Inter-Club Championships 2018

The AICC is a fabulous and  relatively recent annual event which was founded in 2008 by Cleeves Palmer of the Kandahar Ski Club.
In 2017 eighteen DHO members raced in the AICC races in Alpbach, (Austria). Some of us, wishing to improve our racing technique, had been to a racing camp in Kuhtal in the hope of getting better at this racing lark!  Welcomed by absolutely dreadful weather and constant snow and poor visibility, we slogged up and down the course set for us and some of us were near to despair because of the seemingly endless poor conditions. The teaching was excellent and gave us sufficient encouragement to persevere! The mist finally cleared and we suddenly thought we were stars!
There were no DHO women’s teams because of a lack of numbers and so two of us from theMoore family skied in the men’s teams to make up the required numbers! It worked out but it will be much better next year if we can have at least one women’s team in each category! Please apply all you female DHO members! It is such fun and next year the event is in the hands of the Meribel Ski Club. Meribel is a great resort. We are already planning our week which will be from 3rd or 4th March until 10th/11th March with a few days training before the racing on Thursday 8th and Friday 9th March.
Ladies please don’t be shy! If you ski reasonably well and love to be outside withlike-minded members, you will find you can race! Talk to Donna and Pete Gandy Wright who are recent converts!!
Please get in touch with me if you would like to be part of this really wonderful week of skiing and racing. We will be meeting in London sometime in the next few months and have a pre-seasonparty as we did last year in early December.
In 2019 the AICC will be hosted by the Kandahar in Murren, 2020 will be hosted by theLadies ski club in Flaine and then in 2021 DHO is hosting in Wengen. We need to get ourteams gathered together for next year and the years to come in order to rebuild our past excellent racing reputation.
I look forward to hearing from you all!!
Liz moore
3823 Wengen

The DHO were one of the clubs that participated in the first event in Murren in 2008, the year of inauguration.

The Championships are an annual team event, held in March, taking place in the home of the host Club. DHO hosted the 4th in 2011, deemed a huge success, where 10 Clubs competed.

Races may be Slalom, GS or Super-G at the discretion of the host Club, with teams of 4 racing Ladies or Gents in age related groups, where the fastest time of 3 in the team count towards the overall time and the Clubs Team’s result position.

Results past and future event information may be found at the Amateur Inter Club Championships website.


Please contact me or ring if you have any questions about AICC AICC Captain