Inferno 2017

Inferno 2017 Team Photo
Here are some of the DHO team looking very sporty after the race.  They are all still smiling.  So why did Wengen Manager, Andrew, not wear a catsuit?  
The 2017 season had its ups and downs for snow.  The big dump of snow in November was followed by a dry spell lasting until the Lauberhorn Downhill weekend on the 14th January.  So despite snow cover all the way down to Lauterbrunnen there wasn’t quite enough base for the full Inferno course, and the finish line this year was yet again in the centre of Murren.
Even with the shortened course, this was still a gruelling race.  The DHO had 21 racers, most of whom had undergone race training earlier in the week, and were now ready to go.  
Everyone gave it their all to get some fantastic results.  They were helped by the beautiful sunshine and excellent visibility.   Big cheers on the woodcutters path made sure no-one could take a quick break.  A big group of DHO supporters at the finish line welcomed everyone home.
Well done to Alex and Marguerite for fastest male and fastest female. An impressive showing from Evan, Pete, Beatrice and Daniel all on their first Inferno Races.


2017 Results

69th placed team DHO Wengen (out of 152 teams) 35.53,93
[table  width="100%" colwidth="8|120|5|10|15|10" colalign="center|left|center|center|left|left"]
Start no.,Name,Class,Time,Place overall,Medal

239,Gertsch Alexander,HK,8:04.83,101,Silver

545,Bolle-Jones David,HK,9:05.35,258,Silver

1449,Bolle-Jones Evan,HK,9:21.86,299,Bronze

280,Crockett Jonathan,S1,9:21.89,196,Silver

716,Lawrance Pete,HK,9:29.64,312,Bronze

1701,Wells William,HK,9:47.02,348,Bronze

1441,Grimes Daniel,S1,9:56.64,252,Bronze

983,Zimmermann Roland,HK,10:24.42,403,Bronze

1021,Fisher Guy,S1,10:37.80,328,Bronze

1295,Davies Andrew,S1,11:02.94,364,Bronze

611,Mccarthy Sean,S2,11.10.38,236,Bronze

657,Penrose Stephen,S2,11:26.33,246,Bronze

1348,Hinde Sean,S2,11:44.86,267,Bronze

1411,Beaney David,GE,12:09.97,71,Bronze

1358,Taylor Nicholas,S2,12:15.65,282,Bronze

1339,Nice Marguerite,LA,12:27.39,17,Bronze

1388,Turner Terence,GE,12:53.29,82,Bronze

992,Ley Beatric,D1,14:02.64,107,

1049,Hirst-Malin Sarah,LA,14:33.53,31,Bronze

1311,Brown Tim,S2,15:25.63,349,

1273,Cooper Bryce,S2,19:31.99,363,


Inferno 2017 Galley