Fun, Fast, Skiing for Kids aged 7 - 13

Coggins is unique to the DHO in Wengen. The origins of the name are lost in the mists of time but it is thought to refer to the little “Cogs” on the railway..


Fun, Fast skiing for Kids. When they are bored with ski school and the parents are just too slow

Developing speed and control in recreational and pre-race training Kids. The emphasis is on fun and activity based learning. Qualified trainers are selected from the Swiss Ski School though the Coggins training programme is distinct in its approach to skier development. Coaching is given on the move with constantly changing tasks and variety of terrain. We do a lot of skiing and the trainers know every jump and bump on the mountain. Coggins learn a lot whilst having the best time!!

Parents have commented not only on what their kids achieve with skiing but also on the development of personal confidence and social skills.

Kids just say “It’s cool”!!

For Kids who have grown out of Coggins why not try Eagles 

Group size

We try to keep the group size to a maximum of 8 or 10. However we will organise as many groups as we can so that group standards are more even.


Coggins can expect to take part in a race during their week for which they all receive a certificate and there are prizes for the winners. The prize giving is also when we present the coveted Coggins Badge.


Meeting at 8.45 am and returning to resort at 3.00pm. The kids are taken to lunch by their trainers at Kleine Scheidegg where they can be met by parents if necessary (even if they don’t ski.)


Coggins Dates 2019/20

Christmas and New Year

Coggins from 22 December to 3 January

Half term

Coggins 16 to 21 Feb. If you have a different half term please get in touch.


Coggins 5 April to 17 April (restricted skiing from 14 April) Empty slopes great snow


Good ski school Class 3 (red prince) or “Supersonic snow plough”. They will be able to ski red runs with few falls and be both brave and keen. We are not able to take beginners or cautious snow ploughers.

Coggins should be able to look after their own lunch money and go to the loo by themselves and in time!!


All Coggins wear suitable helmets, provided by the ski hire shops, and DHO race bibs for identification. Parents are responsible to make sure that Coggins have suitable clothing for the conditions including warm gloves and proper eye protection, sun screen, etc.


Coggins is chf 380/week (up to 6 consecutive days) paid at the beginning of the week

80 chf/day if booked on a day by day basis.

One parent must become a member of the club.

Lunch is charged at chf 90 based on six lunches at chf 15 plus a few extra francs in case we need extra drinks. Unused lunches can be refunded. A little change in their pockets is useful for sweeties etc.


Organised by Bob Eastwood (UK Snowsports Coach/Tutor, IVSI, BASI L3 ISIA ) and staffed by himself, Rachel Eastwood, (IVSI, BASI 2, UKSS coach) and a variety of other Swiss Ski School instructors.

They are occasionally assisted by older teenage club members acting as sweepers. Enquiries and bookings: please contact Bob Eastwood via email

Please tell us about the children’s skiing experience and skills so that we can judge the suitability of Coggins for their needs. Please ask any questions you may have

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