Freddie Whitelaw

The Journal Editor

Freddie Whitelaw

The DHO Journal is an annual magazine sent to members each autumn. It is usually just under 100 pages long, A4 in size and contains the previous season’s race results, numerous photographs, reports and articles covering subject matter relating to skiing, Wengen and its surroundings.

The editor, Freddie Whitelaw, has skied in Wengen for more than 40 years and is, he admits, a self-styled expert on the history of Alpine skiing and the creation of Alpine ski racing in the Jungfrau region just over 90 years ago.

He is always on the look-out for articles both from members of the club and from outside the DHO  and his remit is to “include anything that he thinks will interest the members”.  The Journal is regarded by many as the best ski magazine in the Alps and the editor’s aim is to create a “coffee table” style of magazine to be enjoyed by all its readers.

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