DHO Journal

The Journal is sent to all members in October annually.

It reports the Club's activities over the preceding skiing season and provides information about the following season. It also has lively articles of interest to all our members as well as usually containing letters from members and the membership list.


Our Journal Editor, is always pleased to receive articles from members.


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Journal Archives

Published here is an online archive of past editions of the DHO Journal. Copies can be viewed or downloaded from this page. To view them you will need software which can read Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) files such as Acrobat Reader.

Files vary in size between about 10 and 70Mb, so will take a while to download depending on the speed of your internet connection.

The archive is listed by year and includes the Hon Editor responsible for production. The archive excludes the 2 most recent editions.

If you want to look for specific information anywhere in all of the Journals, use the facility below - we apologise for the adverts which Google insists on displaying!