DHO Live Cameras and Weather

Here we have the DHO Live Cameras, local live update,Transport and Piste Map link and also the weather for Wengen for the next 3 days.

Clicking on the Weather Icons will open a new page link to the Swiss Meteocentrale page for the village of Wengen, this will open a new page that gives a longer, far more detailed forecast. 

Press the button below the forecast to open a new window showing which lifts are currently running in the area and a piste map courtesy of the Jungfrau Railways, detailed maps for each region (First, Kl Scheidegg-Mannlichen, Schilthorn) can be viewed by clicking on the relevant Name at the bottom of the Piste Map

Above is the Snow Forecast predictions for the next 5 days taken at a midpoint altitude for the area, this provides a good guide as to how much snow is expected, however for actual weather conditions in the area the meteo centrale forecast above seems slightly more accurate for Wengen

Members e-mails

If you are a member and have not recently received an email from the club can you please update Sarah at mem.sec@downhillonly.com with your current email, the mid year newsletter will only be sent out by email this year, if we don't have your email address then sadly you won't find it in your inbox

Why join the DHO

Based in Wengen in the Jungfrau region of Switzerland, the DHO is one of the 3 clubs who established Alpine ski racing in the mid 1920s. All were based in the Bernese Overland, two were British, one Swiss.

The DHO has its own clubroom in central Wengen in Eiger building by railway station,we open every evening after skiing until about dinner time, also each morning. Free Wi-Fi available to all.

Discounts are available to all members with their membership card. Ski hire, some hotels, restaurants, ski shops and travel companies. It is entirely possible to save more than the annual subscription in a mere 7 days holiday.

We offer Complimentary daily ski runs for members throughout season. With our DHO manager in Wengen all season.

The DHO website is regularly updated, manager's weekly blog, midyear newsletter with next season's programme, annual magazine “DHO Journal,” in October.

Skiing tutoring: Junior racing and training, Coggins for kids from 7 to 13, performance courses for kids aged 10 to 16, Eagles for 13+ kids for adventurous (not racing) social.skiing, adult development courses to improve skiing skills for those whose skills have plateaued.

Fun Races for members: weekly - very amateur, we also organise and run the International Schoolboys Championships, we send a team each year to participate in the Inferno across the valley in Murren, which has about 1,800 competitors, and the DHO is an Arlberg club, we participate in the AICC (Amateur Interr Club Championships) each year. The participating clubs take it in turns to organise the races each year.

Summer happenings: A golf day and a regatta. Plus we open the clubroom at the end of July into early August for those in Wengen for the Swiss National Day

The DHO has a hard working chairman and board of directors, officers of the club, all are volunteers determined to improve the club, it’s performance and your skiing enjoyment.

DHO Live Cameras Wengen

Here are the two live cameras giving the view from the DHO Clubroom, for further views click the button below

Additional Webcams
Live Cameras
Live Cameras