Ski Leading

Sociable, fun ski leading around Wengen and the Jungfrau region

The DHO runs active and social Ski Leading throughout the Wengen ski season. Whether a couple, lone skier or small group of friends, our experienced ski leaders know every slope, view, mountain stop and icy patch around Wengen to provide a fun, enjoyable and sociable day of skiing for everyone. The DHO ski groups provide an opportunity to develop a social circle of friends to ski with and socialise with during your skiing holiday in Wengen.

The group typically congregates at the Eiger steps by the railway station in Wengen. Lunch is organised by the ski leader at a restaurant up the mountain during the morning; it is usually planned in consensus with the group so people can leave or join the group at lunch. Non-skiing friends and family are welcome to join the group for lunch up the mountain. After lunch, there is often more skiing, usually aiming to return to the village by about 4pm, depending on conditions.

The itinerary and type of skiing varies depending on snow and weather conditions but is typically

  • Sunday, 10:00am – gentle introductory day
  • Monday, 08:45am – typically a ski around Wengen
  • Tuesday, 08:45am – usually a visit to Mürren or First
  • Wednesday, 08:45am – Skiing around Wengen, sometimes a trip to Mürren or First
  • Thursday, 08:45am – Typically Race day, for a fun, sociable weekly race
  • Friday, 08:45am – Wengen. Typically a faster “steep and deep” day of skiing to finish the week’s skiing on a high
  • Saturday – no ski leading

We are pleased to announce Andrew Davies will be returning as DHO Manager for the 2019-20 ski season.

During peak season weeks we run 2 groups, aiming to keep groups to a maximum size of around 12. One group is typically aimed at more adventurous skiers wanting more challenges and the other group is more moderately paced group for those wanting a more relaxing day.

Skiing Standards & Off-Piste

Our groups typically have a range of skiing abilities but the guide will ensure no one is left behind. The minimum standard is to be able to ski a red with reasonable confidence.

The group can go off-piste but people do not have to go off piste if they don’t wish to. The ski leader will devise alternative routes for anyone not wanting to go off-piste.


Skiing with the group is free for DHO members. Non DHO members are welcome to join the group for an introductory day to see if it is for them. Members are expected to pay for their own ski passes, lunches, equipment and any other incidental expenses. A disclaimer needs to be filled in and signed before skiing with the group.

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