Tourist Cup 2019


Here are the Full Results of the Tourist Cup 2019 and a Gallery of images for all of those who took part in February’s race on the Mannlichen Race Track. I managed, I think, to get at least one picture of everyone and two of most people.

Team NameDHO   
Start List NameTourist Cup  
Session #11  
HillMÃnnlichen Rennestrecke   
Snow conditionsMedium  
Bib#NameFinish TimeRun#
21George Duckett29.4372
20Tim Blaser30.0862
12Jason Walduck30.5592
26James Duckett32.2361
1James Wilson32.9442
95Andrew Davies33.1181
11Becky Gallagher33.5931
19Filip Hedberg33.7252
6Neil Clayton34.5022
17Anthony Schwarz34.6491
9Marguerite Nice34.6631
8Anthony Schwarz 34.7171
15Martin West34.8262
96Lindsay Mollison34.9721
3Nigel Ley35.2161
7Edward Perrott35.3941
14Robin James35.611
5Tessa Lawrence36.0472
22Yvonne Lazette36.2611
4Andy Seaman36.6451
24Joe Edward38.0162
13Donald McCutchan38.3342
27Martin Yates38.5232
28Andrew McFadzean38.5552
25Phillip Allan39.442
23Rebecca Paterson41.1311
16Carol West43.2121

Gallery of Racers

Click on the picture to bring up a larger image

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