Wengen Clubroom

Our home in the Swiss Alps

We purchased the Clubroom in 2009 from the old Wengen Eiger Hotel, The DHO Wengen Clubroom is a prominent part of life in Wengen for our members. It is used most evenings during the ski season and for other events throughout the year.

Clubroom Diary and Events

5:00pm – 6:00pm – DHO Manager’s Office Hour – for any queries or issues, the DHO Manager is available to assist in the office in the Clubroom

6:00pm – 7:00pm – Clubroom hour – a social hour for members to congregate socially, make friends and talk over a drink and nibbles. This hour is often a key part of the day for many members, ideal for an aperitif before dinner, to make new friends and catch up with old colleagues.

During the school holidays we like to vary the clubroom opening hours. You can expect us to open earlier and stay open for longer.

In addition, the clubroom sometimes hosts other events:

Tuesday afternoons (depending on numbers) – Bridge Drive

On Tuesday evenings, we may hold a cocktail party in one of the hotels in the village, if we do so then the clubroom will be shut during the cocktail evening. If we are not in one of the Wengen hotels we will instead be holding a party in the clubroom, we ask for a small 5 ChF contribution to go towards the extra refreshments we provide in this case.

Thursday evening often includes the Prize giving for the race skied that day.

Occasionally we hold other events, such as talks, in the clubroom and it is also available for hire.


Our clubroom has a bar where our members are expected to contribute their own drinks and snacks. 

We ask for volunteers from our members, who are encouraged to man the bar – pour drinks and help out at least once in the season. This is a fun and social activity where members can rapidly make more friends.

Within the clubroom, we have a small office for administration, a small library and plenty of comfortable seating areas for socialising.


Guests are welcome in the clubroom, as long as they are accompanied by at least one of our members. It is a good opportunity to visit to see if the benefits and social side of DHO membership would suit them.


For any enquires about the clubroom, hiring or arrangements, please contact the chairman of the house committee, Brian Phillips

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